Balkan Pharmaceuticals!!

Balkan Pharmaceuticals!! />

It is a popular pharmaceuticals manufacturer situated in Moldova, which was founded in 2006. Its first medicines on Ukrainian market were registered in 2009.

Currently, the company produces 127 different types of medicines, among which there are antitumor preparations, hormonal, preparations with effect on nervous system, digestive, preparations with anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, etc.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has all required licenses and certificates, complying with GMP standards. The building is equipped with advanced systems. The company has 80 highly qualified employees – doctors, chemists, technologists, programmers, engineers. Their goal is to expand and increase this number up to 400. It will allow to increase production amount and extension to more markets.

Pharmaceutical field has very strict rules for production process. All the equipment is kept always clean and sterilized. Every process is monitored by advanced system to make sure everything is made properly and safely.

Balkan Pharma attracted attention of many bodybuilders. Most of reviews are positive, there are a lot of comments, saying about products’ high quality and affordable prices. Also, more suppliers start selling Balkan substances as they show such good results. There are still negative reviews too, but it is due to the fact that many underground laboratories counterfeit popular brands and Balkan Pharmaceuticals is not an exception.

If you would like to try some of their products, definitely do it. Great effect for a right price is guaranteed.