Payment Information

About Payment.
At our website we have an automatic email system, if you don't receive any email from us after ordering, please reply us and we will provide the payment info manually.(That happen because at the most email services we are in the spam base, because we send very much emails every day).

After you receive th payment info, you have 2 choice for payment, Western Union and Money Gram. If you want to use Western Union you also have two choice to use this system. You can go to the Western Union manager and pay personally or you can pay at this website: .

So when money send the money please reply me with the full payment info:

1. MTCN(10 digits after sending Western Union and 8 digits after sending Money Gram)
2. Sender's Name (The name who send the money)
3. Receiver's Name (The name who should receive the money).

After you do that we will receive the money this day or next day and after in maximum 24h we will ship your order. Also if you have more questions about this please ask me cia email: [email protected]