Delivery Information

1. Our payment methods:
We have 3 payment methods: Western Union, Money Gram and BitCoin. Also we can accept Bank Transfer but this option is only for customers with 5+ orders.
2. We use regular post, and a major part of our order goes without tracking number. Why we do that? Because it is more safe for our customers, if your order come with tracking number yo should be at home all the time and sign for the package and that is not so good for you. While if we ship the package without tracking number the mailman leave the package around your door or in your mailbox, it is much more easier. But if you want to track you order you should only to ask me and I will provide you this option.
3. Usually our orders are shipped in 24h after we receive the payment, but we have also excepts because we are just a people not machine. )) If the problem is in mailman I slay him LOL
4. All our package goes from EU country's, that's why we do not have any problems with delivery to USA or EU country's.
5. ETA to USA depend on the State but normally it is 5-24 days, Eu country's 3-14 days.